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Minister De Sutter wants to make the general public more aware of the easy switch between telecom operators

According to an evaluation report by telecom regulator BIPT, there is still insufficient use of the ‘Easy Switch’ system, allowing consumers to change their fixed telecom operator quickly and easily. Over the last three years, less than one fifth of all transfers to another operator were performed via this system. ‘This must be improved,’ says Minister of Telecommunication Petra De Sutter. ‘If more people know and use the system, it will also benefit the telecom…
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Amendments to the Brussels-Capital Region media law in line with EU Directive for non-linear media players

In accordance with EU Directive 2018/1808, some minor amendments will be made to the Brussels-Capital Region Law on audiovisual media. The EU Directives are mainly intended to create a level playing field for linear and non-linear media in view of consumers' changing viewing habits.
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Minister De Sutter proposes policy paper: ‘The aim is Everyone on board with digital, both entrepreneurs and citizens’

Minister De Sutter's Telecommunications policy paper builds upon the European digital story. For example, Belgium will be among the participants in a European Digital Services Act, which will update the 20-year-old e-commerce legislation. This is how we can create a clear and modern framework for international e-commerce and the major Internet platforms, while ensuring that consumers are better protected.  
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Maternity/paternity leave for fathers and co-mothers doubles in number of days, from 10 to 20 by 2024

From 1 January 2021, civil servants (men, co-mothers, or if there is proof of a civil partnership) whose partner gives birth to a child will be entitled to 15 days' maternity/paternity leave. From 1 January 2023, the number of days will be increased to 20, which is a doubling of the current number of days of maternity/paternity leave. In doing so, the federal government is taking the lead in Europe, following in the footsteps of the Scandinavian countries. 

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